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Credit Guide.

Credit Guide

About this Credit Guide

This Credit Guide is given by OzCar Pty Ltd ABN 98 052 221 299 Australian Credit Licence 388354 (the “Licensee” or “OzCar”) and is designed to assist you to decide whether to engage us to provide credit assistance in relation to credit contracts.

As a licensed credit assistance provider, we are required to give you a Credit Guide as soon as practicable after it becomes apparent to us that we may provide assistance to you in relation to a credit contract.

The guide includes information about us, our responsible lending obligations, the names of the credit providers with whom we conduct most of our business with, our fees, charges, and any commissions we may receive, and our dispute resolution process.

Our Obligations Before Providing Credit to You

Under the National Consumer Credit Protection Act (NCCP), we cannot provide credit assistance to you by:

  • suggesting that you apply for a particular credit contract with a particular credit provider;
  • suggesting that you apply for an increase to the credit limit of a particular credit contract with a particular credit provider; or
  • assisiting you to do so, if the contract will be unsuitable for you.


The contract will be unsuitable for you if, at the time the contract is entered into or the credit limit is increased, it is likely that:

  • you will be unable to comply with your financial obligations under the contract, or could only comply with substantial hardship; or
  • the contract will not meet your requirements or objectives


We must make a preliminary assessment whether the contract will be unsuitable for you before we can provide credit assistance to you.


To help us to make this assessment we will:

  • make inquiries about your financial situation and requirements and objectives that we believe are relevant to
  • the credit you are applying for; and
  • take reasonable steps to verify your financial information – for instance by asking for evidence of your income; and
  • use this information to determine whether the credit contract is unsuitable for you.


You can request a copy of our preliminary assessment. We must give you a copy (at no charge to you):

  • within 15 business days, if your request is made within 2 years of our credit assistance quote; and
  • otherwise within 25 business days of your request.


We do not need to give you a copy of the preliminary assessment if we did not provide credit assistance to you or your request is made more than 7 years after we provided credit assistance to you.

Other fees and charges

Consumers will be liable to pay the following fees and charges to us for our credit assistance or matters associated with providing credit assistance:

Name of Fee
or Charge
Explanation Maximum Amount Frequency of Payment Circumstances when it is payable
Origination Fee Represents the fee payable to provide credit assistance to you $1100 including GST
subject to the
maximum origination
fee allowable under
the credit contract
Once Only Only if you proceed
with a credit

Credit Providers With Whom We Conduct Business

We conduct business with six (5) credit providers when providing credit assistance in relation to credit contracts. The names of the six (5) credit providers with whom we conduct most of our business are noted below:

Australian and New Zealand Banking Group Limited (ANZ) 11 005 357 522 ACL 234527
Automotive Financial Services (AFS) 73 003 622 375 ACL 383 762
BOQ Pty Limited  92 080 151 266 ACL 393331
 St George (St George)  33 007 457 141  ACL 233714
Macquarie Leasing Pty Ltd (Macquarie Leasing) 38 002 674 982 ACL394925
Secure Funding (Secure) 25 081 982 872 ACL 388133


When you enter into a credit contract, we are likely to receive a commission, directly or indirectly, from the credit provider in relation to the credit contract for which we have provided credit assistance. We have also entered into a volume bonus arrangement with each of the credit providers with whom we conduct business, either directly or
indirectly, and may receive additional commissions depending on the total volume of business that we arrange with each of the credit providers. The volume bonus arrangements are payable by the credit provider to us.

You may obtain additional information from us about the fees and charges payable by you, the commission likely to be received by us or the volume bonus arrangements in place, on request. This includes obtaining information about how fees and charges payable by you are worked out and a reasonable estimate of the commissions likely to be received by us and how the commission is worked out.

Payments to third parties

A commission is likely to be paid to a third party for the introduction of credit business or business proposed to be
financed by the credit contract or consumer lease if credit assistance is provided through one of the following
classes of persons:

  • a Licensed Finance Broker;
  • a Credit Representative of ours; or
  • a Referrer (usually being the supplier of the goods).

You may obtain from us a reasonable estimate of the amount of commission and how it is worked out on request.

How we resolve disputes

We welcome every opportunity to resolve any concerns you may have with our products or service. If you have a complaint, are not happy with our service or just want more information, you should tell us. By telling us, you give us the best possible opportunity of fixing things. In the first instance, contact our Customer Service Team by calling (02) 9794 2500. If you are not satisfied with their response you can request that their manager address your concern.

Internal dispute resolution

If your concern is still not resolved to your satisfaction please write to our Internal Dispute Resolution Committee at OzCar Pty Ltd 229 Hume Highway Lansvale NSW 2166. Your concern will be reviewed by our IDR Committee, which has authority to deal with the matter.

We will inform you of the outcome within 45 days of receiving your dispute or complaint.

External dispute resolution

If your concern still remains unresolved to your satisfaction you can direct your issue for further review to the Credit and Investsments Ombudsman Limited (CIO), an external review scheme to which we belong.

External dispute resolution is a free service established to provide you with an independent mechanism to resolve your specific complaints. However, you must attempt to resolve your complaint with us before contacting our external dispute resolution scheme.

Credit And Investmests Ombudsman Limited (CIO)


Case Management Team
C/- Credit And Investments Ombudsman Limited
PO Bo A252 Sydney South NSW 1235

Telephone: 1800 138 422

Fax: (02) 9273 8440

Email: To lodge a dispute online go to

Further information regarding CIO including their Terms of Reference is available from their office or on their website.

How to contact us

OzCar Pty. Limited
ABN 98 052 221 299 ACL No. 388354

Phone: (02) 9794 2500

Fax: (02) 9794 2575

Writing: OzCar Pty Limited
229 Hume Highway
Lansvale NSW 2166


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